We don’t BUILD cabinets, but we work with one of the best cabinet company’s in Austin. We pride ourselves in providing only the best of refinishing services to the Austin area,  Be sure to check out our Preferred Vendors page if you’re looking for additional work outside of what we do.


Cabinet refacing is replacing the doors and drawer fronts. The hardware—the hinges, handles, and drawer pulls—are usually also replaced during refacing.

California Cabinet Finishes generally covers the whole Austin Metro area. This includes Georgetown, Sun City to South Austin to Spicewood, Marble Falls, Lakeway, Steiner Ranch and possibly more depending on the job. We have gone as far as Buda and Colleyville.

Your quote is free unless there is extensive travel outside of the area required.

We’ll replace old cabinet doors, drawer fronts with new, custom-made doors and drawer fronts.

Every kitchen we paint involves a process of cleaning, sanding, priming and spray finishing, including detailed hand painting. We always spray the doors and drawer in our shop and always spray finish the frame and detailed areas on location. DRYING RACKS and exhaust fans are essential equipment to achieve our factory smooth finish.  Spray finishing is an essential step in achieving professional results. You NEVER want the frame of your cabinets paint by hand. The craftsman like spray painting is why our finished kitchen cabinets look so beautiful.
We don’t just charge based just on how many cabinet doors or drawers you have.  Costs are based on:
  1. Condition of wood
  2. Type of wood
  3. Door profile
  4. If any painting is required inside cabinet boxes (examples: behind glass doors, microwave box etc)
  5. Glass doors
  6. Open shelving
  7. Types of hinges
  8. Overall condition of the entire kitchen cabinets
As of January 2022 – the average cost to refinish kitchen cabinets is around $6500. Our clients year after year consistently agree when comparing all other options, we are worth every penny.

The average project takes 7-10 business days, you’ll have your kitchen appliances back everyday when we leave. When those days are done, we make sure to leave your kitchen as clean as we found it to make sure we and our mess don’t overstay our welcome!

We do, it’s up to you to purchase the hardware you would like for us to install for free once the cabinets are ready. We like to install soft close hinges whenever possible.

Luckily for your kitchen, I don’t. I refer to an interior designer for that and take over from there

We typically arrive around 7:30 am and remove all of your doors, drawers, and shelves (if we are painting the inside of the cabinets). The doors, drawers, and shelves go back to shop.  I wash, sand, caulk, and fill any holes or grain on the frames that he needs to.

You’ll have it back each day once we’ve left for the afternoon, just in time for dinner.

No, I don’t hire subs or contract my work out at any time. The only faces you’ll see are those of California Cabinet Finishes.

Cabinets are an expensive piece of furniture in your home and easily a big factor when selling your home in the future. I provide professional grade finishing, not just another layer of paint.


We spray. We spray the cabinet frames on site while we bring the doors and drawers back to our shop for prep work and spray.

After prepping the frames, masking is next. Paper is taped to the floor walls and counter tops. The floors are covered with drop cloths to prevent paint from getting on the floor. Your kitchen is safe with us.

We don’t paint by numbers, we paint to cover! What does that mean? We do 1-2 coats of primer and 2-3 coats of paint. The minimum that will be on the cabinets is 3, but can sometimes be as many as 7-8 depending on the work required.

We use a filler to fill most of the grain on your cabinets and we get them as close to smooth as possible.

No, these products most often yellow and crack. I wouldn’t recommend them for any of my clients.

We use a versatile, ultra-durable, water-borne, acrylic paints formulated to bond to some of the most difficult substrates including fiberglass, ceramic tile, and laminate called Pittsburg Paint “Breakthrough”. There is a great article on Pittsburg Paint Breakthrough vs. Benjamin Moore’s Advanced here.

For more information on Lacquer vs. Paint click here.

California Cabinet Finishes uses satin. Pro Tip: The higher the sheen, the more you will see imperfections in the wood.