Our Cabinet Refinishing & Painting Process

The whole painting process normally takes about 7-10 business working days. 

1. Design Consultation

We schedule the most important part. A time where you can share your vision for what you are wanting. Do you want new doors, re-stain, brighten up your area or paint? CCFR has been working with families for 20+ years, hearing their dreams, desires and helping them achieve them

2. The Painting Get's Done

First day for painting, we arrive between 7:30 – 8am, we remove all your doors, drawers and anything that is removable and take them back to our shop where 90% of the work is done. They get washed, sanded, sprayed with 1-2 coats of primer. And then we start the miracle process of applying 2-3 coats of our industrial water base enamel coatings.

3. Time for the frames

Then we return to your home and repeat the process on your frames. 

4. The finishing touches

Next we install your pieces with new soft-close hinges (if you want) the hardware of your choosing. Finally reveal the dream you envisioned. 

5. Enjoy Your beautiful cabinets!

Your newly painted and finished cabinets will upgrade the look of your kitchen and icnrease your curb appeal!

Want To Learn More? Check out our process videos